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A beautiful spring day in March 2008 changed our family forever when our adored 15 year old daughter Jocie passed away in a skiing accident. The hours, days and months that followed her death were a blur…we were heartbroken. Those that have experienced the darkness that comes with losing a child can understand the helpless, senseless feeling that envelopes your world. As Jocie’s parents, we had this desire to memorialize our beloved daughter and keep her legacy alive. During this initial phase of mourning we began keeping bees…observing a thriving, living colony of bees was both therapeutic and healing. We believe the bees saved us.

In addition to honey, that first glorious harvest produced a considerable amount of pure golden beeswax. Jocie’s nickname was Jiggy…inspired by her obsession for lip balm and determined to keep Jocie’s legacy alive…Jiggystick lip balm was born. We have been hand-crafting lip balm and other products in her memory since 2010.